It is an organic fertilizer rich in plant nutrients, trace minerals, and plant growth enhancers. It does not contain any chemicals, and is 100% organic. It does not cause any harm to the surrounding environment. Except for the rich content it has in terms of nourishing elements, it significantly increases and changes the microbial life in the root zone when mixed into the soil. Vermicompost accelerates plant growth much more than the other organic products. It increases the soil’s water holding ability, and prevents diseases such as root rot from developing, by suppressing pathogenic microorganisms. The humus found in vermicompost prevents toxins, harmful fungi and bacteria from functioning in the soil. For this reason, vermicompost has the property to fight plant diseases.


One of the most important features of the vermicompost is that there is no limit to its use. You can use vermicompost as much as you like; vermicompost does not create unwanted effects such as burnout, drying, etc. of young and sensitive plants due to overfeeding like other known organic or chemical fertilizers. Contrary to other animal and artificial fertilizers, it is very easily and almost instantly absorbed by plants. Surprisingly, the nutrients are readily available while at the same time having a natural slow release feature. This helps the nutritional benefits to continue for a long time. It does not get washed away during irrigation. On the contrary, when it encounters water, it holds it in and swells like jelly, doubling the plant’s drought resistance. Vermicompost, unlike other fertilizers, does not dissolve and mix with underground water and does not cause environmental pollution. If the soil contains more vermicompost than your plants can exploit, you can detect it even after 2-3 years. Ordinary composts do not have this benefit; the available nutrients quickly blend into the soil as soon as it rains or irrigation systems are opened. Substances useful for plants are first present in excessive quantities, but they wash away before the plant roots benefit from them and mix into lakes and waters or underground waters. Vermicompost feeds plants slowly and for longer.


Another natural advantage of vermicompost is its ability to trap heavy metals in the environment. This prevents plants from absorbing more of these chemical compounds than they need.


It is enough to use a small amount of vermicompost for the plants in your house. Because the humic acid in the vermicompost composition can stimulate plant growth even at extremely low concentrations. Humic acid also stimulates the development of microflora population in the soil.


The benefits of vermicompost will be visible within months. Plant growth accelerates. You can easily see the increase in the yield of your vegetables. It is a dark colored compost. Chemical analyses have shown that vermicompost can increase nitrogen up to 5 times, phosphate 7 times, potassium 11 times, and magnesium 3 times in topsoil. Despite this rich content, vermicompost, even when applied directly to the most sensitive plants, will not harm them and will not cause burning of roots etc. It is definitely the best soil enhancer and regulator available. It is completely odorless and 100% organic. You can use it in your home, in your greenhouse, or in your garden.



Improves and regulates the structure of the soil.

Increases plant’s resistance to drought.

Can reduce the cost of irrigation up to 50% by preserving the soil moisture.

Can be applied to phosphate-sensitive plants.

Promotes and supports beneficial microbial activity resulting in healthier plants.

Helps reduce moss in the greenhouses, ponds and lagoons.

Does not cause pollution of underground water.

Reduces the carbon in the soil and increases the nitrogen levels of the plants more easily and quickly.

Is completely safe for use around children and pets.

Does not contain harmful chemicals.

Will never burn plants, unlike other animal fertilizers, no matter how young and sensitive your plants are.

Prevents toxins, harmful bacteria, and fungi from harming your plants.

Prevents pH levels to become excessive.

Contains nutrients that last 6 times longer than those found in ordinary potting soil.

Worms are natural filters of soil. They filter any foreign substances, chemical substances, etc. and leave behind a 100% organic compost.

Vermicompost is a perfect organic compost containing naturally balanced, high-level minerals and nutrients for your garden.