Germina Agriculture Technologies was founded in December 2016 by five medical doctors, including Dr. Tamer Çalıkoğlu, Dr. Sercan Özyurt, Dr. Onur Karayal, Dr. Ali Süha Çalıkoğlu, and Dr. Mehmet T. Kitapçı. Emir Bingül soon joined the group. The company's objective is to develop new, environmentally friendly, and effective strategies and solutions for sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, poultry and fish farming, and to create models that will facilitate their widespread use.


The operating facilities of Germina are located in Besler Farm in Elmadağ, on a land of 2000 square meters, of which 650 square meters is closed.


Germina’s work areas can be summarized as follows:


Vermicomposting and Vermiculture:

In our vermireactors, using large-scale, semi-automatic, continuous flow principle, we foresee to produce more than 300 tons of high-quality vermicompost per year. When the plant reaches its full capacity, there will be a surplus product of more than 5 million worms. 


Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

We have developed the largest sustainable colony of BSF in Turkey. At present, we only produce BSF larvae to maintain our R&D activities, and have the potential to make industrial scale production after the relevant legislation is prepared and published.


Aquaponic Farming:

This agricultural form, combining hydroponic farming with fish farming, is being developed to meet the need for fresh vegetables and fish, especially in areas where water resources are limited; and currently, infrastructure studies are being carried out.


Organic Walnut Farming: 

On the 20 acres of land in Kaman, we are applying organic farming methods to produce high quality and quantity of walnut. In this respect, we are observing and testing the effects of vermicompost on the yield and health of walnut trees.




We have supplied seedlings of resistant, seedless grapes not yet produced in Turkey, and started growing them.